Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bragg et al vs. Deforge et al

Public Record

Milford/Ansonia Small Claims Court, Connecticut
Docket # SCC-301575
Filed 1/5/10

The plaintiffs state that Donald H. Deforge did not properly disclose that the vital pulp surgery he performed on their dog was not a permanent fix. They state they were never informed that the restoration to the tooth could become dislodged. Three weeks after surgery the restoration became dislodged. The plaintiffs state that Donald Deforge sent them an estimate via email to the surgery and this email never stated that this was not a permanent fix. Plaintiffs paid $1,200 for surgery resulting in a temporary fix to a problem. Plaintiffs were counter-sued by Deforge and deny all of his claims.

Monday, December 7, 2009

See for Yourself

This case is public record and can be read by anyone at the Meriden, CT small claims court.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Linda Papineau & Bonnie Penney vs. Donald H. DeForge, VMD, LLC

Public Record from Meridan, CT small claims court, SCA7-181198, 9/9/04

The plaintiffs state they brought their cat into Donald H. DeForge, VMD in the summer of 2004. They state the cat was a loveable angora cat. They brought the cat to him for grooming. The plaintiff's state he put the cat under gas sedation without informing them first. They took the cat home and went away to a funeral. When they came home the cat was very sick and was dragging it's head. They took the cat back to Donald DeForge, VMD. He kept the cat on an IV and stated the cat was not eating or drinking. When the plaintiff asked to visit the cat they state Donald DeForge, VMD would not allow them to visit their cat. They became concerned and went to his office and asked to transfer the cat to Cheshire Vet Hospital. The plaintiffs state Donald DeForge, VMD became very arrogant. They state the cat looked semi-comatose. They state they became very afraid after their visit with Donald DeForge, VMD. The hospital record states that the cat was in a "stupor" and "comatose" upon it's arrival to the hospital. The plaintiff decided to put the cat to sleep.

Public Record from Meridan, CT small claims court, SCA7-181198, 9/9/04